No One Underground
Ministry, Art, Clothing, Books with purpose.

As His creation we have the potential to unlock the ultimate creative source, God.  Yet, most of the 'Christianí arts presented today are largely based upon parody, repackaged imagery and formatted very traditionally.  We limit how God can speak and whom He can speak to by embracing only one dimension of this delicate balance.  NOU seeks to bring this balance, adding more dimension by releasing products that resonate with people of unbelief and people of surrender.

No One Underground is changing the world by utilizing the arts to reach people for Christ. We speak, paint and perform the message of truth, hope and love. NOU does not reek of religion, but is seeking to inspire the next generation to create with purpose. We are working to redeem the arts within the church and the church within the world. NOU expands worldviews and challenges unbelief. Individuals on the fringe of faith are drawn to the mediums we use. In everything we do, we desire to leave "no one underground." Please contact for all store related questions or visit our website at for ministry information or to book Eric and/or Danielle.